About me
How did I get here
What inspires me
The Divide

Ever since I was 9 years old, I knew my passion was in the creative field. I always had strong love for Arts and Design. Although my mom strongly pushed me to pursue in Biology, I felt this strong urge and passion to pursue in the creative field. I knew it was, a time to rebel against my mom for the first time of my life. 

A New Journey

After graduating high school, I attended Foothill College to search for a dream I can strive for. It was a time of experimentation, trying varieties of classes however, my mom strongly pushed me to pursue study in Biology. 

Being who I am

Growing up in Korean culture at home, being rebellious toward parents were equivalent to committing a serious crime. I grew up respecting my mom and listening to her like a good kid. But something was telling me that it's okay to be true to myself when it comes to being passionate about doing what you love. 

Everything is designed...

It was hard to bring it up to my mom. To a mom lived most of her life as a single mother to raise me, it was hard to go against her wishes. Everyday, I brought up about each household items to my mom that the items are all designed through process to help meet our needs. It wasn't all about the looks and attraction, it was also about functionality and designed in a way for humans to interact with it easily. This was my own way to slowly convince her to let me pursue in the study of design.

Baby Steps

Over time, my mom was slowly convinced. It was a difficult time to convince her over past 2-3 months but I was glad that I was able to convince her through. The tears that I shed and the arguments my mom and I initially had before was all worth to go through. The moment I am most proud of is the moment where I was able to convince my mom to support me to the path of design field.

A good communication is just as stimulating as black


coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.


-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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