Future of Cooking.

Interstudio Context

Fall 2018

The project was to imagine working as consultants in San Francisco with fellow teammates and design a new experience for a specific part of the home for a specific company. Everlane, a clothing company was the company we had to design for and were chosen with the space, Kitchen. 


The objective for this project was to vision, design, and create as a team, a new product/service/experience that would best fit with the existing brand and its branding guideline.

Round 1: Interviews, Insights, Sacrificial Concepts & Feedbacks

6 interviewees

The questions asked during first round of interview was all about users' Kitchen space. We wanted to have a better understanding of the users' connection to their Kitchen space. Why it is important to them?

Insight #1

Kitchen can be a space for families to strengthen emotional bond.

"I enjoy cooking with my wife every night."

Insight #2

Unseen food = wasted food

"I hate wasting food but I always forget what I have in the fridge"

Insight #3

Discoverability leads to efficiency

"I spend a lot of time looking for stuff."

How might we...

How might we...

How might we...

make Kitchen a creative social space?

increase Kitchen transparency?

make things more discoverable?

Round 2: Focusing on the Cooking

Interviews, Insights, Sacrificial Concepts & Feedbacks


During the interview, the question was asked, "What do you like about cooking?" The responses are organized based on the pros, cons, and neutral about cooking. By organizing the responses, it helps discover design opportunities.

To extract important values from the 2nd round of interviews, a chart was created with axis from Quick -> Deliberate and Logical -> Emotional. Then each quadrant was named based on its axes.

What did they like and what did they not like?

The response from 2nd round of interview was organized based on 

Pros, Neutrals, and Cons

Journey Map -> Discoveries

Discoveries -> Insights


Problem Statement

Cooking is a way to relax, have fun, eat healthy, and it is what brings people together. Over the years, the percentage of people that cook at home has gone down especially for millennials. The common problems amongst all millennials is that 

they want to eat healthy by cooking but most don't have time, don't like cleaning and some don't have the knowledge.



Developing "How might we..." & Insights

The yellow post-its are the "How might we" and on the right are a list of ideas that corresponds to the statements.

How might we...

The list of "How might we" was narrowed down to 4 and another round of ideation was done. Then, 3 post-its were given to 2 other team members and me to vote on the concepts we liked.

How might we...

make the cleaning process as enjoyable as cooking?
make Kitchen a safer place?
avoid washing food in the Kitchen?
make Kitchen a collaborative space?
increase efficiency in the Kitchen?
make the Kitchen a place for exploration?
cook without disturbing others?
make ingredients in the Kitchen more discoverable?
make Kitchen to be a more versatile space?

After narrowing down to 4 "HMWs"

A new round of ideation was done for each

HMW question.

Design Exploration


Newly featured item page

is available to give constant

update to users about new menu

items, seasonal menus, etc.

Nutritional Information gives users

transparency about their food 


Checkbox provides an opportunity

to decide with the company’s

choice of ingredients to help first

time users who are new to the menu or to help returning users who have difficulty on decisions.

Several ingredients are available

for each section for customization.

Order tracking is available through account settings for users to have a live update on the arrival of their order.

Order review page allow

users to edit their quantity

of each items or make

last minute decisions on

adding or cancelling items

Checkbox is available for returning

users to save their information.


Future changes in information

is made accessible through

account setting.

Information on instruction

for pickup will become available

on confirmation page.

Wireframe Feedbacks

Common feedbacks received from users:

"I didn't know the word edit was a button until it was mentioned. You can directly edit the quantity


"I like to keep track of what I have in

my cart when I shop online like Amazon."

"Is there a way to go back after viewing the menu item? Also, some of the headers don't seem to be the proper heading for the screen."

Initial Design

"It's hard to read the screens in the beginning. The images are too strong for the logo and phrase."

"Some of the images on the news page looks nice but it seems too strong and makes it hard to read."

"The color of the button is too dark and doesn't work for some screens with images."

Initial Design Feedbacks

Brief introduction for 

first time user

Highlights on featuring menu items

Users are able to track 

their orders and see specifically on the map.

Vending Machine App Design



Design Phase 1:

Background images are preventing the text from being


Images are too strong

It would be nice to see the nutritional info as items are selected

Text for ingredients isn't enough to know about the ingredients

Vending Machine Design

Initial Design Phase

The feedback from the design was great but there were some feedbacks that needed to be put into considerations.

  • Vending machine needs to be universal meaning we need to consider for those with disability.


  • There can be more than one user meaning why not put multiple screens to prevent having a long single-file line.


  • Vending machine does not have to be a perfect shape because Everlane visuals are all about asymmetry so why not make the vending machine into asymmetrical shape to give a strong branding of Everlane

Final Vending Machine Design

One last additional change was made by placing the logo on the top middle of the machine and everything else stayed the same .

Final Design

Key Factors in Mobile Experience

Add recipes to your list of favorites

Everlane Fresh's choice sets up a recommended choice of ingredients for users who have trouble making decisions.

Customization is available for customers who would like to choose their own ingredients.

Users are able to choose quantity as they add the item to their bag.

After going through payment process,

users can set up a pickup location of their choice.

The advanced technology of NFC (Near Field Communication) Scanner allows users to go through easy pickup process at the vending machine.

Mobile Experience

Vending Machine Experience

The variety of available menus available will allow users to decide one of their choice. The list of ingredients available for each menus allow users to scroll horizontally customize the menu according to their taste. When ingredients are chosen each time, there are constant updates of nutritional information that allows users to read.

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