A way to cook for a healthier lifestyle and engage with each ingredient through the story of its origin.

Project Overview

Project Moderna is a self-project where the problem grew out from having conversations with people, especially with the millennials.  There is a growing population where the millennials are engaging in home cooking at a lower rate.

Project Challenge

What might it look like if we brought a more unique experience in cooking for the Millennials?  

Design Tools

Project Vision

To bring a new and healthy way to experience cooking through engaging users with stories of individuals ingredients.

Competitive Analysis

To have a better understanding of the current market, competitive analysis of existing companies help understand the strength and weaknesses of each brand. By creating a competitive analysis, it helps strategize how I would want to design my product.

Pricing was determined by price per meal.

Convenience was determined by pre-prepped ingredients or cooked meals.


Persona helps understand the target audience better. By talking to multiple users, data was gathered and created into a Persona.

User Journey

Brand Guideline


Flow Chart

Flow chart helps organize user action and diagrams what user actions

would look like in the system.


Final Screen Designs

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