Design for Healthcare

Fall 2019

The goal is to conceive, prototype and design a self-test experience of a companion app to accompany a self-test mouth swab HIV kit. The challenges of this test are both practical, making sure the user performs the test correctly, as well as emotional, creating an empathetic experience for the user. 


Cultural stigma around HIV & HIV testing prevents individuals from knowing their status.

HIV Test System

One round of HIV test does not give a diagnosis. In order to confirm a positive result, a 2nd and 3rd test is required.


Journey Map


Design Principles




Color Palettes

Deep Sky Blue
Light Slate Blue

In-app Integration

Apple Health app helps organize personal health data. By integrating HIV testing into the Apple Health app, not only will it be more discrete but can be kept as a personal information.

Wireframe UX Flowchart

Design Phase

Design Refinement

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