Future of tangible music

Objects & Space

Fall 2018

Imagine a world where all of your music is stored onto your very own ring. With a simple addition of an adhesive NFC strip to any of your rings, a user is able to actuate their RingTune play station device at home and engage with other RingTune Users on the go by sharing their favorite music with a playful fist bump (ring to ring interaction). 

Design Process

Experimenting with different materials and layouts. The shapes of an object gave possible tangibility. For example, a cup placed upside down had the unique interaction of turning left and right.

Rough Prototype & Exploring share feature.

Sharing through simple gesture

Sharing your music can be done by pulling out the share structure to the left of the ring stand on the side of the main RingTune hub. Enabling this feature will switch over the visual queues of the system to clearly identify to the user that this feature is being conducted and any tracks you decide to “play” will be logged into the ring on the ring stand for later sharing. 

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