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Behavior Project

Spring 2017

The project initially started as a research project to see if there is a possibility with behavior change. It was then taken further to the development of a possible product. The product Volbi, is a device that comes with a phone application that helps monitor volume. The goal of this design research project was to test and validate that the nudge from the product can cause a possible change in behavior. 

Global Concern for Hearing...

"Already 466 million people worldwide have debilitating hearing loss, up from 360 million in 2010 and the figure is expected to nearly double to 900 million, or one in every 10 people by 2050."

-World Health Organization

Music has become huge part of our lives.

Advancement in technology has allowed personal music devices to be portable. The constant exposure to music and loud environments affects the hearings of many millennials.

Problem Statement

People listen from their personal music device (PMD) at a high volume for long periods of time without knowing the damage it is causing to their ears.

Key Findings from Interview

Surrounding Environment + Duration + Genre of Music = Development of Volume Preference

Final Experiment

Nudges & Feedbacks

The final experiment was performed where the product Volbi, was tested.  Participants were given a nudge or feedback depending on how loud or how quiet they were listening. From this, we were able to discover personal priorities. Results showed that most valued hearing health as a top priority.

Feedback Cards

The two cards were given out as feedback during the experimentation depending on the consumer's behavior.

Design Process

Color Palettes





Screen Design

Final Conclusion

Did it change behavior?

There was a behavior change from most participants, but not all. There were few participants who preferred to continue listening at an unhealthy volume. Overall, it was a effective research project that proved that there's a possibility with the product in the future.

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